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The Bath Minuet Company runs weekly classes in 18th century dancing. All are welcome to come along and learn dances that would have been danced at Bath's Georgian assemblies at the time of Beau Nash. All levels of experience are welcome, especially beginners! You don’t need to bring a partner, but do please bring soft, flexible-soled shoes.

There are regular classes at Claverton Down Community Hall, Claverton Down Road, Bath, BA2 6DT from 7.30pm until 10.00pm.

We run two different types of classes; one focuses on the country dances of the time that would have been danced at Balls and events up and down the country. There are two of these classes each month. We also run a class looking at theatrical and court dances of the period; in these we dive into a notated dance, and learn the steps and patterns necessary to recreate the dance. You are welcome to join one, or both, of these classes, and you do not need to have any previous experience for either! All we ask is that you drop us an email ( before your first class.

Class dates for the Spring Term 2024 are below.

Please note that there will be no Theatrical and Court Dance classes this term.

Date Class
Friday 19th January Country Dances
Friday 26th January Country Dances
Friday 2nd February Country Dances
Friday 23rd February Country Dances
Friday 1st March Country Dances
Friday 15th March Country Dances