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Bath Minuet Company is constantly enlarging an already wide repertoire of 17th and 18th century court and social dances that have survived in their original form.

Dances selected by Bath Minuet Company are chosen firstly with regard to the historical authenticity of the choreography and secondly for their visual and aesthetic merit.

The company's programmes can include country dances and Court and Threatre dances

Many of our country dances are taken from the works of John Playford, Thomas Bray and Nathaniel Kynaston whose works were widely celebrated and reproduced during the 17th and 18th centuries. Bath Minuet Company also recreates dances choreographed by anonymous or lesser known dancing masters. Many country dances may be danced with or without the use of complex step patterns which makes them ideal for performances and demonstrations where audience participation is desired.

The formal court and theatrical dances of the baroque period included more sophisticated dance forms and rhythms.

The main dance forms within this category include the allemande, courante, sarabande, bouree, gavotte, gigue, minuet, rigaudon, passepied, passacaille, hornpipe, chaconne, and canary.

Over three hundred such dances have survived to the present day often using Beauchamp-Feuillet notation which allows Bath Minuet Company to interpret and reconstruct these more sophisticated and elaborate dance forms with considerable confidence

Members of the company are happy to work with clients to get the best possible programme for their special event or project.

Please refer to our Performances & Bookings page for contact information.